Riedel Swan Decanter Review

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Riedel Swan Decanter

The Riedel Swan Decanter is a handmade and hand blown wine decanter that has been made in the shape of a swan. It is a popular design with customers who like the elegant lines of the swan’s neck. The body of the swan holds the wine while the tail is where you pour the wine into the Riedel decanter.

It is easy to hold too as the curve of the glass provides an easy and relaxed grip for pouring. The body of the swan where the wine is held is suitably wide so as to ensure the wine is allowed to ‘breathe’ and develop to its potential best. The design is completely functional while at the same time presents as a unique artistic creation.

Anyone looking for a quality gift for a wine aficionado will appreciate the qualities of this Riedel decanter and you can expect it to provide much appreciation to the recipient for many years to come.

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Features of the Riedel Swan Decanter

Design – an elegant wine decanter crafted into the shape of a swan’s neck, body and tail
Capacity – you can pour one standard bottle of wine into the decanter
Height – is 23 5/8 inches high so will look quite impressive on a dinner table
Materials - 24% lead crystal is used so that premium radiance, sparkle and clarity is achieved to match the elegance of the design
Pour Spout – is drip resistant for easy drip free pouring
Fill Spout – is wide so that it is easy to pour wine into the decanter
Cleaning – because of the lead crystal, it is recommended the wine decanter is washed by hand for best results


Measures: 9.2 x 5 x 23.5 inches
Weighs: 3 pounds
Item No: 2007/2

Riedel Swan Decanter_Pouring

What’s Great About the Riedel Decanter?

  • Stunning piece of workmanship
  • Sparkles and glistens in the light, particularly a spotlight
  • Very special decanter
  • Elegant piece of glassware
  • Makes an excellent gift for someone who appreciates good wines
  • Made from hand blown glass crystal

What’s Not So Great

  • No negative feedback to date

Customer Feedback and Reviews

A few customers have left feedback for the Riedel Swan Decanter and they give it a perfect rating. The features that impress them most relate to its construction and appearance. All customers love the shape of the decanter as well as how it looks when presented on a dinner table underneath a spotlight. Their response was always appreciative of the stunning glass work. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read Amazon reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The best price I've found for this beautiful decanter is online, you can check for the lowest price on Amazon here. Purchasers recognize that this wine decanter is a standalone item of artistic beauty, as well as a functional decanter that can present a good wine to its best advantage. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it to discerning wine lovers and anyone looking for an exceptional gift.

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