Riedel O Decanter Review

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Riedel O Decanter

The Riedel O Decanter is a beautifully designed decanter and like most decanters from Riedel, this one is hand blown and made from leaded crystal. It is also part of the ‘O’ collection of tumblers. The decanter features an upward well which is the perfect size for placing one’s thumb in while pouring and acts to provide a ‘splay’ effect when wine is poured. This means that wine can be more fully oxygenated so as to release its bouquet. The upward well is also known as a punt.

From a functional perspective, the decanter has an angled lip so that wine is easy to pour and when held. The unique hold position of having the thumb inside the well and the remaining four fingers around the decanter is said to be a very stable position from which to pour and results in having a lot of control.

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Features of the Riedel O Decanter

  • It is designed to accompany Riedel's popular "O" Series glassware
  • Uses lead crystal for brilliance and clarity
  • Produced by world renowned Austrian glass-makers
  • Will hold a 750 ml bottle
  • Should be hand washed for maximum care and protection


The primary benefit of having a decanter of this type is to oxygenate the wine. The ‘splay’ on the bottom of the decanter allows for this to happen so that your wine can be enhanced, allowing for older as well as younger wines to open up, breath and release their individual bouquets. This is said to assist the wine to reach its full potential and in this particular case, it is done in a fun way.

Product Details for the Riedel O Decanter

Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Item model number: 1414 / 13


  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Pours easily
  • Excellent quality and value
  • Very functional


  • Size is deceptive – customers thought it was larger than it actually is

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers that have left reviews for the Riedel O Decanter have given it an excellent rating. Most of the reviewers rated the decanter with very high scores, indicating their satisfaction with the product. Comments from happy customers center around the decanter being functional, classy, beautiful, elegant, easy to handle, excellent quality, easy to pour and has a substantial feel. One customer thought the shape was a hindrance while pouring another complained about the difficulty with cleaning and drying the decanter.

Customers also like that it perfectly accompanies the "O" collection of stem-less glasses from Riedel as well as being a wonderful gift for someone who has a genuine appreciation for fine wines. To see more of what customers had to say about the decanter you can read the reviews here.


The Riedel O Decanter is available online at a competitive price, to check for the most current price, you can find it here. Customers have again proven to hold a genuine appreciation for a beautiful piece of hand-crafted lead crystal and based on their positive comments, recommend the decanter to others.

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