Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter Review

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Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter
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The Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter is excellent for decanting red wines, particularly older red wines. It is 11 inches tall and can hold two regular sized bottles of wine, although the reds respond better to decanting when it is only half filled. By allowing sediment to settle, older reds are suitably clarified prior to drinking. The decanter is without color and the walls are very thin as a result of the lead crystal having been machine blown.

The Riedel Magnum decanter is also easy to pour from as a result of the shape of the neck which features an easy curve that is easy to hold while pouring. This decanter is made from 24 percent lead crystal, its surface is coarse and soft so that it tends to hold a wine’s aroma. As a result of this, hand washing is recommended.

Features of the Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter

Design – a large, elegant, thin walled suited to older red wines
Suitable For – displaying the color of younger wines and clarifying older red wines
Capacity – holds 64 ounces which equates to two standard bottles of wine. Customers have concurred in their opinion that only filling with one bottle, provides a better effect during the decanting process.
Materials – 24 percent lead crystal that has been machine blown to result in a very fine glass
Height – 11 inches
Pouring – is comfortable due to the curved neck that encourages an easy grip
Cleaning – washing by hand is recommended due the nature of the lead crystal in have a soft, yet coarse surface that is prone to holding onto aromas. Hand washing effectively removes odors and is aroma free for the next use

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Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 10.8 inches
Weighs: 1.5 pounds
Item No: 1440-26

What’s Great About the Riedel Magnum Decanter?

  • Large size
  • Classically shaped
  • “Extreme” decanter
  • Glass is very thin and fine
  • Makes a thoughtful gift
  • Good value and appears more expensive than what you pay
  • Pours easily
  • Allows wines to ‘open up’
  • Functionally piece of glassware
  • Footprint isn’t too large for storing when not being used

What’s Not So Great

  • Ultra-thin glass requires a lot of care

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers that have left feedback for the Riedel Magnum decanter give it an outstanding rating. Things customers like about it include its elegant appearance, size and functionality, as well as the thin glass it is made from. While it is possible to fit a ‘magnum’ into this fine piece of glassware, the larger volume of wine does not allow the wine to properly ‘breathe’. Customers generally prefer to use it with a regular sized bottle of wine for best results. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read Amazon reviews here.


The Riedel decanter is available online and you can check for the latest price on Amazon. Customers appreciate the elegance and functionality of this decanter and feel it represents good value for their money. Based on outstanding customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Riedel.

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